We stayed at the Malinbeg Hostel which was in the northwest side of Ireland. Basically we were at the end of the road here.  The General Sore was right across the street.  Definitely was in my opinion the nicest and friendliest hostile we have stayed in.
© 2005 Matthew Glaeser
This was the view of the Atlantic and and Island with a lighthouse we had from our hostel. 
This abandoned tower was between our hostel and the ocean.  A few of us took a walk out to it one night.  We had to cut through a few sheep pastures to get to it.  We went into it, but it was all burned out, and you could see the sky through the roof.  In the coming pictures you will notice this tower a couple times.  It was a good landmark for our hike in the mountains and the countryside.
The coastline on the other side of the tower pictured above, shortly after sunset.
The beach just down the road from where we were staying.  The island out there is the one with the lighthouse from the picture above.  The tower can also be seen a little in this picture.  We did go in the ocean here, and and surprisingly it wasn't that cold.