What we believe was the area of the mountain that is called One Mans Pass.  It was basically a little path with a steep falls of 1000 feet on one side and 1800 feet on the other.
© 2005 Matthew Glaeser
Picture of me about halfway across One Mans Pass. 
We walked down another side of the mountain, and this is a view back of it when we were about two thirds of the way down, but still about 2 hours away from where we were going.  All that was around us was boggy land, sheep, and the cliffs.
Another view back towards the hostel, from the mountain, this was our walk back from the mountain.  That is the same island as in an earlier picture, just alot further away.
On our trek back we didn't take a path so we had a few valleys, streams, and cliffs to walk around. I think the walk back was much more fun because we got to really go to an area where few people go often.  There weren't even many sheep in this area.  In all we hiked for about 6 hours that day.