Belfast city hall when we got to Belfast on Friday night around midnight.  We almost didn't make it on Friday because our first bus was really late, and arrived at our transfer point about 1 minute before our next bus left.
Later that day on the bus ride they took us to Giants Causeway, an area made up of  hexagonally shaped stones.  The picture to the right is from nearby looking to the main area of the causeway.  Below is a close-up of one of the areas there. We made the mistake of going on a Saturday because it was absolutely crowded with people.
© 2005 Matthew Glaeser
On Saturday we took a bus trip along the northern coast of North Ireland, stopping at Giants Causeway, and a few other nice stops.  The picture to the right was in the area of the Ballintory rope bridge, which is pictured below.
Picture from directly on Giants Causeway looking across a small bay.  The hill across there didn't have any paths or people on it so we decided to check it out, and climbed up to the top.  It was really peaceful up there compared to the rest of the area, and it had some great views.
On Sunday since nothing was open in Belfast until after noon we decided to take off for a small village down the coast about an hour away.  We ended up in Bangor and Holywood.  There was a great trail that went along the coast and ended up at Crawfordsburn county park pictured to the right.
Fish sculpture along the river in Belfast
One of the trails through the park took us to a small waterfall.  It was raining a little this day, but it wasn't too bad.