We got into Clonakilty at about 9:30pm with no idea of where we would stay.  And what we quickly found out was there were no rooms in the city since it was a bank holiday weekend.  I am not sure what we were thinking.  And worse yet there we took the last bus of the night there.  We ended up finding a hotel that let us sleep in their meeting room, which was much better than our other options.  It definitely turned out to be a pretty interesting night.  The picture to the left is of a park in the city and a their big Catholic cathedral in the background.  The only Protestant church in the town was closed long ago and now is the post office.
Picture of the meeting room we got to sleep in that night.  They were really hospitable and even found us a mattress and sheets for the night.
© 2005 Matthew Glaeser
On our way out of town to the bus station we just happened to see a couple elephants looking over a stone wall as were walking by.  Apparently the circus was in town the next couple days