View of Derry, North Ireland from atop the old city walls.  Note the murals painted on the end walls of some of the appartment buildings.  
This is the last British Army Post in Derry.  It is located right in the center of the city, directly off the city walls.  There were countless security cameras around here.  Below is a close up picture of one of the guard towers.
© 2005 Matthew Glaeser
This was the site of Bloody Sunday.  On January 30, 1972, soldiers from the British Army's 1st Parachute Regiment opened fire on unarmed and peaceful civilian demonstrators in the Bogside, Derry, Ireland, near the Rossville flats, killing 13 and wounding a number of others. One wounded man later died from illness attributed to that shooting. The sign in the background indicating you were entering Free Derry indicated you were entering an area that was free from the police and the British Army.
Close up of one of the murals depicting a civil rights march.
The old city walls of Derry, with cannons mounted across the top.  This is the only fully intact city wall left in Europe.
On our last day in Derry we went to a fort that overlooked Derry for a small performance with traditional Irish music.