We got into Dingle mid afternoon on Sunday, and had to find  a place to sleep again.  We thought it might not be quite as difficult, we were wrong.  Thankfully Sara went into a cafe, and asked the lady working there where we might stay that night, after about 15 calls we finally had a B and B for the night.  We definitely have learned our lesson about booking places ahead of time.  But while we were in Dingle we saw alot of the city, surround area, and on Monday took a hike into the hills nearby.  We were hiking among the sheep which was rather amusing.  And the views were some of the best I have seem in Ireland.  We even had time for a short nap on top of the mountain.
Another picture from our hike looking out to Dingle and the harbor.
© 2005 Matthew Glaeser
Dick Mack's Pub in Dingle home to a bar and a shoe repair business all in the same room.  In Dingle there were a quite a few multi-use pubs, some also doubled as hardware stores and bike rental shops. 
Outside of Dick Mack's is their "walk of fame"  They have a star out there for every famous person who drank there.