On the second night in England we ended up in London.  We hadn't even planned on driving into central London, but next thing we knew we were there.  After driving around for about 2 hours we finally found a place to park the car.  We stayed in London for two nights.  On the right is Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament at night.
On the second day in London we went to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre to see The Winters Tale.  We decided to purchase tickets for the standing section where there is no roof overhead.  Well about halfway through the performance it started raining so we got a little wet.
© 2005 Matthew Glaeser
View up the River Thames from the London Eye.
Picture of the London Eye from the Westminster Bridge.
Another picture of the Houses of Parliament from the London Eye.
Since we were in London we felt we had to tour Buckingham Palace. 
During our search for a parking spot we basically fell upon the Tower Bridge.  This was a picture as we were driving over the bridge.