The Ring of Kerry cycle route runs through some of the most beautiful countryside in all of Ireland.  We rented bikes in in Killarney and started the 217 km (136 mile) ride midafternoon on Sunday, and finished Tuesday midafternoon.  Basically we had no plans on where we were staying along the ride, or just about anything else on the trip.  We ended up staying in a hostel above a pub the first night, and the second night in a Bed and Breakfast.  The service both nights was amazing, and at the end of a long day biking it was really appreciated.
The scenery along the route on the first half of the ring.
© 2005 Matthew Glaeser
Along the way we stopped on the side of the road to visit a friendly horse.  As we were there he started to chew on my bike.  Definitely one of the best things about biking the route was the ability to stop just about anywhere.  But sharing the road with all the coach buses and cars at times was a little annoying.
The view of the bay and the Atlantic on our ride down the hill, after an hour and a half of uphill biking at this point in the ride.
Sara and me with our bikes towards the end of the journey when we were in the national park.
View of the portion of our ride through the Killarney National Park.