This square is usually referred to as Pigeon Square since it is always full of pigeons, the Turkish markets are all around this area.  You can notice the mountains around Sarajevo in the background.  The entire time I was there it was snowing and by the time I left there was plenty of snow on the ground. 
The hostel I stayed at in Sarajevo with the bakery right next door.  This hostel was quite friendly but there was no lock on our front door so everyone had to watch their stuff a little more. Note the hole in the side of the hostel from the war.
© 2005 Matthew Glaeser
One of many Mosques in the city.
One of the days I was there I went to see what the street markets were like, you can buy just about anything there. This picture is of the edge of the markets and the surrounding neighborhood.
The metal working are of the Turkish markets, this market area was more like a tourist area, unlike the markets in the picture above.
A sign full of bullet holes outside the train station for the 1984 Olympics.
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