The Tunnel Museum in Sarajevo, this tunnel was built during the war and ran under the then UN controlled airport behind this building.  It was the only way for people to come in and out of Sarajevo during the war.
Some of the tunnel that still exists
© 2005 Matthew Glaeser
Under this field is the tunnel, in the distance is the airport
The road outside the museum, inside the museum they had many pictures of this road being patrolled by tanks.
Some military equipment out in a field on the edge of the city.
This is the bridge where Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assinated on the 28th of June, 1914, thus beginning World War I.
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The Holiday Inn that was seen quite a bit on TV during the war.  The large building on the right is still completely bombed and burned out today.  The other towers on the left have been rebuild since the war.  Throughout the city there has been alot of rebuilding but much remains to be cleaned up.
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